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Lumbar massage. Why is it great for correcting posture?

By May 23, 2024Massage chair

The lumbar massage technique is used to relieve discomfort and release accumulated muscle stress in the lower back area. This region of the lower back is often affected by a sedentary lifestyle and the habit of sitting or standing for long periods of time. You can have a professional lumbar massage without having to go to a specialist.

So, if time doesn’t allow you to get to the relaxation centres or for any other reason you prefer massage at home, then a massage chair with a dedicated lumbar programme is what you need. It can also be used during office breaks for those who work at home or for relaxation areas in companies. What are the benefits of lumbar massage?


  1. Lumbar massage for back health maintenance
  2. Low back massage – when is it contraindicated?

1. Lumbar massage for back health maintenance

A lumbar massage has an effect on both physical fitness and mental balance due to the feeling of relaxation the user experiences in the massage chair. So the most important benefit associated with a lumbar massage is to reduce tension and muscle spasms in the back.

Thanks to the techniques involved in performing a lumbar massage, blood flow is improved. This provides the body with numerous benefits for overall health from removing toxins from the body, cleansing the blood of waste products and providing oxygen and nutrients circulating through the blood to the tissues.

A lumbar massage is also welcome in the routine of people who work a lot at a desk, spend a lot of time on their feet, as well as athletes. Lumbar massage techniques can help reduce feelings of mental discomfort by invigorating deep tissues and releasing muscle contractions. This type of massage helps with spinal mobility as it improves joint and muscle elasticity and can also help prevent injuries in the lower back.

2. Low back massage – when is it contraindicated?

A lower back massage involves a series of alternative movements such as kneading, tapping, firm pressure, stretching and lengthening of the muscles. The kneading technique helps to relax the muscle tissues in the lower back.

Tapping involves the execution of gentle, rhythmic tapping movements that support blood to circulate in the tissues. Firm pressure penetrates deeper layers of connective tissue and muscle. In this way knots are removed, relieving the area of stress, fatigue and preventing discomfort.

Stretching and lengthening muscle movements help increase muscle and joint flexibility, alleviating stiffness. Thus, lumbar massage can also be indicated for those with an active lifestyle, people who practice sports regularly. Increased mobility implicitly increases the body’s ability to perform a greater range of motion, which can enhance training performance.

It also helps improve body posture. Whatever your lifestyle, incorporate a heated lumbar massage chair into your personal routine. This massage is suitable for everyone, but there are a few exceptional situations where it should be avoided, namely: the presence of inflammation or infection in the lower back, the existence of severe fractures or osteoporosis, herniated discs, tumours or other serious conditions in the affected area.

So talk to a doctor before opting for a lumbar massage if you find yourself in one of these situations. In general, it can be a handy solution for those experiencing muscle spasms or stiffness, stress and general tension amidst this discomfort.

To enhance the effectiveness of the massage, remember that hydration is important both before and after the massage. In this way you help to speed up the detoxification of accumulated residues in the tissues. To increase the effectiveness of the lumbar massage, you can also start some gentle warm-up exercises beforehand.

A lumbar massage can be more than just a relaxing remedy. Because of its many benefits you can consider it an important part of your personal routine dedicated to maintaining posture and back health.