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JP-2000 vs JP-1000. Are massage chairs a good investment?

By March 18, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

What are the most important advantages of the JP-2000 and JP-1000 massage chairs? If you plan to improve the comfort level of your home or office with a professional massage chair, then discover some of the most important features that describe each of these two landmark models for the Fujiiryoki range.


  1. Massage chairs JP-2000 – what are the main benefits?
  2. Massage chairs JP-1000 – what advantages do they offer?

1. Massage chairs JP-2000 – what are the main benefits?

The JP-2000 massage chair is the first model with 5D AI technology. Artificial Intelligence scans the spine, the shape and the level of stiffness of the muscles in this area. The massage is then automatically adapted based on the information gathered from the morphological scanning process. The massage begins firmly, then decreases in intensity as the tension in the muscles relaxes.

The JP-2000 is enhanced with programmes that correct body posture, which is particularly useful for people who spend a lot of time in the chair. The massage regenerates stiff muscles, reduces fatigue levels, soothes muscle and joint discomfort, which ensures optimal tone for further work. The JP-2000 is also equipped with programmes such as Night Healing, which provides massage for 30 minutes, ideal before sleep.

So if you work in the comfort of your own home, the JP-2000 guarantees refreshing breaks during working hours, as well as physical and mental relaxation for quality sleep. Rest is essential to give you the best performance the next day, so if you are experiencing sleep disturbances or waking up during the night, robotic massage can help you eliminate this problem.

2. Massage chairs JP-1000 – what advantages do they offer?

The JP-1000 is the predecessor to the JP-2000, so the price is certainly part of the benefits. The JP-1000 is equipped with over 60 programs, and the relaxation massage is also provided by the Artificial Intelligence system, which detects the shape of the spine and the tension of each muscle. The JP-1000 features 4D massage, but like the JP-2000, offers deep relaxation. And this model includes the Deep Tissue program that performs roller massage up to 12.5 cm deep into the tissues.

Both the JP-2000 massage chair and its predecessor JP-1000 are made of eco-leather. This material is particularly popular due to its superior wear resistance, and is noted for its durability over repeated use without losing its properties. Both massage chairs are available in neutral, elegant colours that harmonise impeccably with any style of furnishing, whether it’s the living room, office, fitness room or a relaxation area.

So each of the two massage chairs provides professional-level relaxation. However, the choice remains a matter of individual preference in terms of lifestyle, physical condition, specific needs or the design of the space in which the product is to be integrated.