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Japanese massage chairs. 6 office work disorders

By November 1, 2023April 1st, 2024Massage chair

The 8 hours or more that we spend fixed in our office chair affects our bodies more than we think, because the pain and stiffness is only temporary. In addition, when we sit at a desk we do not control our body posture, which encourages the formation of scoliosis, kyphosis and other spinal conditions. What are the benefits of Japanese massage chairs?


    1. Office work – Are massage chairs good for back pain?
    2. Japanese massage chairs – Top 3 benefits for body health

1. Office work – Are massage chairs good for back pain?

What are the most common health problems that are fostered by the habit of sitting in a desk chair for a long time?

    • Change in the shape of the spine

When you spend a lot of time concentrating on your laptop, it becomes difficult to maintain a healthy posture. Most of the time we don’t even realise we’re putting our bodies through the strain until we want to get up from our desks and get stuck with back pain, stiff muscles or numb legs. Muscle pressure weakens the flexibility of the spinal area, which is why it starts to curve into a hump.

This leads to pain and even complications that force the person to undergo surgery to straighten the back. The ideal position in the office chair is one in which the body weight is evenly distributed and the shoulders are level with the hips. If you “forget” to sit properly at your desk, then set your alarm once every 50 minutes and reserve another 10-15 minutes for an active break.

Then you get up from your desk, take a few steps around the room, do some light aerobics, stretching or stretching massage for the whole body or just for painful areas. Program the intensity of the back massage cushions while bringing the backrest and footrest to a flat position, called Zero Gravity. This allows your back to relax, your spine is relieved of pressure, your weight is evenly distributed throughout your body, and back pain is eliminated by moving the air cushions at the intensity you desire.

    • Flattening of muscles

If after getting up from your desk you sit straight on the couch until the end of the day or commute home in a transport, then you are predisposing your muscles to atrophy. Because you sit more than you move, your muscles start to lose mobility, your fibres become stiff and start to accumulate fat.

In addition, when you spend a long time in the same position, your muscles adapt to it. For example, a habit of sitting for a long time makes your buttock muscles flatten and hurt when you move. That’s why it’s a good idea to move around for at least 10 minutes away from the desk, whether you’re taking a walk or activating the vibration and cushion massage chair programme for the buttock area.

    • Weakening bone strength

Not only do muscles lose strength due to sedentary lifestyles, but bones also become brittle. For example, osteoporosis is one of the most common conditions for sedentary people.

2. Japanese massage chair – Top 3 benefits for body health

If your lifestyle keeps you in your desk chair for at least 8 hours, then organise your free time. Don’t neglect the role of active breaks.

    • Increased bad cholesterol

Slowing down the metabolism is another unfortunate consequence of the habit of sitting still for a long time. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle encourages the loss of good cholesterol, increases bad cholesterol and thus increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

    • Swelling of the legs

When you sit down for a long time, often leg over leg you accelerate the formation of varicose veins, blood clots or peripheral oedema, which leads to swelling of the legs due to excess fluid accumulating in the tissues.

    • Sleep disorders

If you wake up during the night because of apnoea, then make sure your daily routine includes some physical activity. Being sedentary leads to fluid storage in the tissues, and when you lie in bed, it enters the airways forming blockages.

Take advantage of 10 minutes of rest between daily tasks and give yourself a reboot with the help of vibration massage programmes for the chair, with heaters, rollers and air cushions for your back, hips, thighs, calves and soles.


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