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Is massage chair good for old age?

By February 28, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Is massage chair good for old age or not? Most people considering robotic massage at home want to find out if a massage chair is good for old age. Quality devices are equipped with a variety of programs, techniques and functions designed to cover a wide range of needs. People have different lifestyles and their preferences for robotic massage may differ.

People who work a lot in the office may need cervical massage, athletes may need Deep Tissue massage, sedentary people may prefer stretching massage, etc. However, what is the optimal age at which massage chairs are recommended?


    1. How good is a massage chair for old age?

    2. Is massage chair good for old age or for elderly people?

1. How good is a massage chair for old age?

Although massage chairs are recommended for the whole family, age should be taken into account. For example, for children, robotic massage is not contraindicated if it is performed occasionally and if a minimum level of intensity is set. Massage chairs are recommended mainly for people who have reached the age of majority, when the process of growth and development is over.

For people over the age of 30, massage chairs are recommended to complement your life routine, along with exercise, a balanced diet and relaxation activities. Robotic massage helps relieve discomfort in the back, neck, buttocks and legs, which are the points where stress and fatigue often accumulate during the day. Since most adults today work at a desk, these body areas require even more attention to prevent complications, and daily robotic massage is one solution.

Also, as we get older, we are more frequently confronted with stressors. A relaxation massage before sleep can significantly help calm the emotions and body after a day of work or household activities, which reduces the risk of sleep disturbances or waking up during the night.

Therefore, professional massage chairs can be considered as part of a health plan with long-lasting effects. With their help you prevent possible complications that can arise from bad posture at the office or a sedentary lifestyle.

2. Is massage chair good for old age or for elderly people?

As the body ages you may experience various associated discomforts, ranging from poor muscle mobility, stiff joints, circulatory problems to discomfort in different areas of the body.

Elderly people may have to deal with weakened muscular endurance, which can lead to poor back posture, fatigue with minimal effort and the need to replace physical activity with couching. Massage chairs are inspiring gift ideas for parents and grandparents because they help stimulate stiff muscle groups, soothe stiff areas, promote flexibility, can prevent arthritis, encourage lymph flow and release blood throughout the body. However, electric massage should be tailored to the individual lifestyle, health and specific needs of each user.

This is where massage in massage chairs equipped with artificial intelligence and dual scanning system is indicated. Only in this way, your body is properly scanned to identify your body profile and to identify sensitive points that require a specific type of massage.

However, if the elderly person has serious respiratory, vascular, circulatory, etc. problems, a discussion with the personal physician is necessary before testing massage chair programmes. If there are no major health problems, then massage chairs are recommended for older people as they are designed for easy use in the comfort of the home.

Also, the intensity of the massage can be adjusted to different levels to avoid too much pressure that could create discomfort in certain areas. So is a massage chair good for old age? The JP-3000 offers massage with heating in the sole, which is an ideal solution for those who experience cold feet syndrome. The magnetotherapy massage offered by the iRest massage chair relaxes the spine area. The SL technology allows for an extended massage, from the neck, back, buttocks, thighs, covering the lumbar region.