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Inada Robo massage chairs and the main benefits

By December 19, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

The pace of life specific to modern society can make it difficult to create a balance between daily tasks and respect for free time. For this reason, relaxation has come to be perceived by modern man as a luxury, which he affords less often than he should. Thus, more and more people have adopted solutions that provide them with the optimal relaxation environment in the comfort of their own home, whether it is the purchase of sports equipment or massage chairs, such as the Inada Robo for relaxation at the end of a day.


    1. Inada Robo massage chairs to replace traditional massage
    2. Inada Robo massage chairs with Artificial Intelligence

1. Inada Robo massage chair to replace traditional massage

Inada Robo massage chairs are designed to faithfully reproduce the sensory experience you get in massage centers. If time does not allow you to reserve moments of pampering for your comfort, then massage chairs can provide you with a revitalizing session at any time, in your own home. The technology behind the Inada Robo concept is designed to replace the sensation of mechanical massage with the relaxation offered by massage performed by professional hands.

A masseuse will adjust the pressure of his hands according to the degree of stiffness of each muscle, so that the massage is relaxing, gentle or firm if the muscles are too stiff. The Inada Robo massage chair with a system based on Artificial Intelligence has the ability to reproduce the movements practiced by massage specialists. This system detects stiff points that require deep massage, just like an experienced masseuse.

Along the human body there are so-called energy points or Shiatsu points, which correspond to various areas or organs. By massaging them, blockages are removed, blood circulation is restored and toxins are removed that can create obstacles that lead to inflammation. Inada Robo recognizes these Shiatsu points in every user who chooses to relax in the massage chair.

2. Inada Robo massage chairs with Artificial Intelligence

The Inada Robo massage chair can successfully replace any experienced masseur. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence mechanism, the device has detected the sensitive areas, which makes your massage a personalized one, corresponding to your physical condition at the time. If you have a favorite massage, then save it from the massage chair remote control for future relaxation sessions. The device is equipped with more than 100 air cushions, arranged along the entire body, in the sensitive areas that need the most attention.

Had a stressful day at the office and still trying to recover from 8 hours spent in front of the laptop? Have you just finished a successful workout at the gym and are you looking for a quick solution to relieve muscle stress? Activate the massage program with air cushions for the back, arms or legs and restore your physical condition for the next day.

Are you facing problems in certain areas of your body such as injuries, wounds, irritations and the like? Continue to enjoy your favorite massage without touching these vulnerable points. Set from the remote control the parts to be protected and avoided by airbags or rollers.

Sedentary people or those who work silently at the office know perfectly well the discomfort in the buttocks area, at the end of the program. The Inada Robo massage rollers penetrate deep into the muscles, reducing stiffness and tingling sensations resulting from little or no physical activity.

So, if time is not always on your side, then keep your relaxation routine in your own home. Inada Robo massage chairs are designed to keep up with your lifestyle. Therefore, whether you are active, sedentary or spend a lot of time at the office, Inada Robo helps you relax every area of your body and compose a personalized massage, depending on the body areas you require the most frequently.