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How long should you sit in the massage chair?

By February 27, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

How long should you sit in the massage chair? In order to reap the benefits of massage chairs, it is important to respect certain limits on their use. So, read on to find out how long you should use a professional massage chair to prevent muscle wear and tear or other associated discomfort.

    1. How long should you sit in the massage chair? -The importance of alternating programmes
    2. How long should you sit in the massage chair? – The best time of day to relax

1. How long should you sit in the massage chair? – The importance of alternating programmes

How much should I use the massage chair? First of all, each person has an individual limit, in relation to their physical condition, level of strength, muscle mobility, lifestyle, plus many other criteria. Thus, some people are tolerant of the constant pressure that rollers and air cushions put on the body. They can therefore enjoy extended sessions carried out regularly in professional massage chairs. As a general rule, the body’s own moods are the best clue as to when you should stop the massage programme, change to a gentler one or, on the contrary, extend its duration.

How much should I use the massage chair throughout the day? However, it is preferable to use the massage chair no more than 3 times a day.

Although the Fujiiryoki range of massage chairs also offer short 7-minute programmes for quick refreshment, they are best used in the morning, during breaks from the laptop, for relaxation between household activities or whenever you feel like a boost of energy. However, a 15-20 minute electric relaxation massage is enough to release muscle stress from the body and give an overall sense of calm. This is essential for people who follow an active lifestyle or who do sport constantly. The 15-20 minute relaxing massage flushes lactic acid out of the muscles, relaxes stiffness and thus allows blood to penetrate all over the tissues to supply them with oxygen.

The professional relaxation massage chairs also come with 30-minute programmes. They are ideal for people who want to improve their bedtime routine to prepare their body and mind for sleep. The 30-minute massage can complete the wellness ritual, along with aromatherapy, relaxation music, meditation or other such alternative therapies that pamper the body and emotions.

Is it okay to use the massage chair every day?

Yes, but constant massaging of the same areas or muscle groups should be avoided. Otherwise, you could experience muscle wasting, which will lead to pain, local discomfort and sensitisation of those tissues. It is preferable to alternate massage programmes that focus on different parts of the body. For example, if today you have opted for reflexology in the soles, tomorrow you can activate air cushion massage for the calves, arms, cervical area, etc.

2. How long should you sit in the massage chair? – The best time of day to relax

The time of day you choose to dedicate to your relaxation massage is just as important as its duration. Here too you need to consider your lifestyle and listen to your body to identify the optimal time of day for massage pampering. For example, a quick 7-minute massage in the morning or a rejuvenating massage will loosen your muscles and give you energy for the rest of the day.

If you work from home or have the option of sitting at your desk, then a stretching massage programme or one focused on the neck and back area may be enough to loosen stiff muscles after sitting in a desk chair for a long time.

If you experience sleep disturbances, have trouble falling asleep or can’t rest because of frequent awakenings, then JP-3000’s Night Healing, Mindfulness or Elite Therapy massage program and more could help.

Now that you know the recommended limit for the use of professional massage chairs, all you have to do is apply the advice to your lifestyle, taking into account your body’s resistance level.