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Home massages or massage chairs. Which is more effective?

By July 10, 2024Massage chair

Which do you prefer when it comes to home massages: the classic manual version or professional massage chairs? While both are popular options and convenient solutions for relaxation, each encompasses a number of particular benefits that offer different experiences for massage lovers. What does a massage chair offer over the classic version? How does a massage chair help you improve your personal comfort? Find out more about the benefits of each of these two massage options so that you can make a conscious decision.


  1. Home massages – can a massage chair replace a massage?
  2. Home massages – which best full body massage chair to buy?

1. Home massages – can a massage chair replace a massage?

If you’re one of those people who use massage chairs at home, you’ll always have multiple techniques (kneading, shiatsu, tapping), programs (Mindfulness, Night Healing, Elite Therapy), and options to individually adjust the intensity and massage area. All this allows you to customize your home massage sessions according to your current physical condition, personal preferences and mood.

However, a human therapist can tailor the massage to suit your feedback, but over time the cost of these sessions becomes more and more expensive, which may at some point lead you to give up manual relaxation sessions. From a financial point of view, a professional massage chair can be a strain on your personal budget, but once you’ve bought one, the additional costs are almost non-existent.

In the long run, traditional at-home massage sessions can destabilize your budget, especially if you use them frequently. Also, not all types of massage are available from the same massage therapist, so some may require additional specialization, which means additional costs. Having a chair in your home means you can have massages at home whenever you need them, saving you the hassle of appointments, traveling or stress from traffic jams.

The professional massage chairs are equipped with a wide range of techniques, from relaxation massage, rejuvenation, lymphatic massage to foot reflexology. Even if the movements of a therapist cannot be fully imitated by a high-performance device, Fujiiryoki massage chairs equipped with Artificial Intelligence and scanning system have the ability to evaluate the morphology of each user and automatically adapt the massage according to the state of the muscles. Sensitive points on the surface of the body that require a firm massage are detected. The massage becomes progressively gentler as muscle contractures are released.

2. Home massages – which best full body massage chair to buy?

The JP-3000 for example is the ideal chair for at-home massages and daily relaxation sessions. Its compact design, easy to match colors and more than 100 programs make it suitable for any type of home, as well as for wellness, relaxation, fitness, spa, etc. Unlike traditional massage, a chair is not suitable for people with severe medical conditions or health problems for which certain types of therapeutic massage or treatments are prescribed.

Among the advantages of standard massage is the fact that the expert is qualified to assess and treat certain discomforts, as well as to help the person with specialized advice. So, for ailments or certain health problems, it is advisable to seek the services of professionals, and massage chairs should only be used following the advice given by them. If you do not fall into the category where a massage chair is contraindicated, then you can enjoy the benefits associated with state-of-the-art Japanese technology.

So, a professional Japanese massage chair cannot totally replace the traditional massage, but it is an inspired alternative to ensure your daily relaxation and to relieve minor localized discomfort in different areas of your body.