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Hip pain and massage chairs benefits

By October 5, 2023March 22nd, 2024Massage chair

Hip pain in athletes is a common discomfort. The hips are the areas where there are muscles involved in movement and keeping the body posture straight. Discomfort in the hips hampers sporting performance. In addition, if pain is not prevented or treated properly it can cause serious complications. If you love to play sports or are an active person, then discover some useful solutions designed to increase the flexibility of your hip muscles.


    1. Hip pain in athletes may signal the presence of certain conditions
    2. Coxarthrosis can be prevented by changing your lifestyle – What types of massage chairs are right for me?

1. Hips pain in athletes may signal the presence of certain conditions

The hip joint is a strong structure that connects the femoral head to the pelvis. The muscles in this area support upright body posture, stretching, twisting, bending and supporting body mass.

How does hip pain manifest itself? Difficulty moving or turning the leg from the hip, pain in the groin area, in the hip joint area, pain in the outer or inner hip joint area, pain in the thighs, swelling in the joint area, inability to stand on the legs are the most common symptoms.

What causes hip pain?

    • hip injuries caused by bumps or falls;
    • damage to the cartilage of the hip joints;
    • injuries to the labrum (cartilage ring protecting the femur);
    • overuse cracks the bone;
    • prolonged physical activity;
    • endometriosis;
    • arthritis;
    • osteoporosis;
    • bone cancer;
    • peripheral nerve inflammation;
    • vertebral canal stenosis;
    • obesity;
    • inguinal or femoral hernias;
    • sciatica;
    • tendonitis due to muscle overstrain;
    • inflammation caused by pressure on the cushioning bursae between the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hips.

The risk groups, i.e. those most prone to hip pain, are as follows:

    • people aged over 45;
    • overweight people;
    • people who have a family history of hip problems;
    • people who have suffered a severe hip injury or trauma.

2. Coxarthrosis can be prevented by changing your lifestyle –What types of massage chairs are right for me?

If you are playing a sport and already feel discomfort, then the best measure is to take a break from the effort. Rest for a few days and apply ice to the painful area. If you are experiencing serious pain, or if you are not sure what is causing the coxarthrosis, then seek a thorough medical investigation. If you fall into one of the risk groups or if you lead an active life, then consider some effective solutions to prevent hip problems.

    • Calcium, Omega-3 and Vitamin D

Include sources of calcium and vitamin D in your daily diet, such as cheese, yoghurt, herring, salmon, eggs, wholegrain cereals, sardines, etc.

    • Monitors body weight

Body mass puts extra pressure on joints. That’s why it’s a good idea to consult a nutritionist who can recommend a diet plan, tailored to the results of your investigations and tests. Keeping body weight under control is beneficial for the health of the whole body, not just the hip joints.

    • Stretching and hip exercises

Stretching exercises are designed to increase the resistance of the hip muscles to injury. Particularly useful are exercises such as knee bends, lunges and back-bends. In addition, Japanese stretching massage chairs optimise muscle mobility. This makes muscles more relaxed, more flexible and less prone to injury.

    • Warm-up exercises before/after sport

Warming up your muscles before training is crucial to combat coxarthrosis. Do simple warm-up exercises and combine them with stretching massage for better results.

Remember that muscles need active rest even post-workout. Include heated massage chairs, stretching or deep tissue massage in your post-sport relaxation ritual. Massage regulates the level of lactic acid built up in the muscles, responsible for muscle soreness. Relaxation massage, hot water baths should be combined with a minimum of 7 hours sleep so that muscles can recover fully.

    • Use heat for hip pain

Do massage chairs have medical benefits? In some cases, coxarthrosis can be relieved with hot air cushion massage and hot water baths.

    • Cushions shocks

For this purpose, you should consider using the appropriate footwear for the type of sport you practice.

    • Alternating sports

If you experience hip pain or fall into the at-risk category, then turn to other sports. For example, swimming or aerobic exercise are ideal for hip joint maintenance.

Hip pain can be prevented simply by introducing simple and effective habits. However, don’t neglect regular medical check-ups for early detection of the causes of hip pain.