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Gluteal and thigh massage – what benefits does it promise?

By May 25, 2024May 27th, 2024Massage chair

A gluteal and thigh massage helps release tension and muscle stress built up in these areas. The relaxing effect can be achieved both at professional centres and in massage chairs with recommended programmes for stimulating the buttock and thigh muscles. Robotic massage involves advanced technology, customised programmes and varying levels of intensity for an invigorating experience similar to that obtained in a massage salon.

What are the main benefits of trying a gluteal and thigh massage? How can an electric massage chair help prevent or soothe muscle contractions in these areas?


  1. Gluteal and thigh massage – in what situations is it recommended?
  2. Massage chair for buttocks and thighs – what are the most effective programs?

1. Gluteal and thigh massage – in what situations is it recommended?

A gluteal and thigh massage is not only about relaxation, but also about improving blood flow or protecting the sciatic area. After an hour’s workout at the gym where you’ve worked your buttocks and thighs, you may experience feelings of stiffness. The same can be experienced when you sit for too long without taking active breaks.

Accumulated tension in the buttock and thigh muscles makes it difficult to maintain a naturally correct body posture, which could affect the health of the spine. Regular gluteal and thigh massage also promotes blood circulation, which reduces muscle recovery time.

As the blood flow is unblocked, the process of eliminating toxins and waste products from the body is supported, which protects the body from inflammation. Effective massage of the buttock and thigh muscles can prevent or relieve discomfort in the sciatic region by relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve. Regular thigh massage sessions can help to remove fat deposits, which delays the formation of cellulite. When you stimulate the muscles through massage you also support the unblocking of lymph flow.

2. Massage chair for buttocks and thighs – what are the most effective programs?

A gluteal and thigh massage can also be performed effectively with the help of a professional massage chair. So, if you don’t have time to enjoy the services of a relaxation centre, then take advantage of devices that provide an electric massage for these areas.

Massage chairs with rollers and air cushions can successfully replace applied massage techniques. For example, roller massage applies firm pressure and kneading movements to deep muscles, while air cushions provide a compression and relaxation massage.

Japanese massage chairs are equipped with programmes focused on these areas of the body. All you have to do is set the intensity level of the rollers and air cushions according to your needs at the time of the massage.

The Total Relax Position massage programme enhances the relaxing effect, thanks to the body stretching position, perfect for improving blood circulation. A professional massage chair with Artificial Intelligence can scan body shape to adjust the compression and roller massage according to your morphology. So you get a personalised massage session tailored in real time to your body’s needs at any given moment.

So a buttock and thigh massage in an electric massage chair can offer more benefits for overall health than just revitalising muscles. The benefits include both improved circulatory functions and the burning of fat deposits.

To maximise and maintain these benefits, using a massage chair should become a regularly observed habit. So whether you start the morning strong or choose to recharge at the end of the day after work, set aside 15-20 minutes a day for massage, even if you don’t experience discomfort. If done regularly, massage supports the lymphatic system, speeds up detoxification, supports relaxation of the mind and increases body mobility.