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Full body massage chairs in coworking spaces

By October 23, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

How much do full body massage chairs help in coworking spaces? Coworking offices quickly came into the public eye as soon as the pandemic ended, when many businesses allowed remote working. Working from home has proved productive for some people, while for others it has come with challenges. Of course, the remote regime is not suitable for all personalities.

But neither does the corporate programme suit all tastes. Thus, coworking offices have been designed to lend advantages from both directions. The spaces provide the necessary conditions for those who work better in a coworking environment, but on a flexible schedule.

Coworking areas are equipped with a range of facilities. These are designed to make work more efficient, helping to increase concentration and creativity. Businesses don’t necessarily have a target audience. But statistics show that hubs are popular with: programmers, IT specialists, legal consultants, economists, freelancers, journalists or people working in marketing.

The diversity of backgrounds from which coworkers come indicates the need for businesses to keep up with the dynamics of modern society. What does this movement entail? Those who own coworking offices need to design their spaces to offer the ultimate in comfort to a diverse range of clients.


    1. Full body massage chairs in coworking spaces contribute to work efficiency – myth or reality?
    2. Comfort massage chairs involve more than therapeutic sessions

1. Full body massage chair in coworking spaces contribute to work efficiency – myth or reality?

Full body massage chairs in coworking spaces address many client needs that many owners don’t consider. First of all, people who work remotely need to periodically change their working environment for better stimulation. Experts believe that working in the office chair helps the mind focus better on tasks. Conversely, people who sit on the couch with their laptop in their arms experience drowsiness, sluggishness and decreased creativity.

On the other hand, continuous sitting is not always encouraged. People need breaks to use their muscles and get their blood moving. Too few companies provide employees with relaxation areas equipped with suitable machines or play areas where they can unwind. This is where coworking offices stand out. Work without play becomes robotic, and recliners are ideal for putting the mind and body to work. Clients have the opportunity to work on their laptops or attend meetings while relaxing in full body massage chairs.

”Don’t work hard, work smart”

When copywriters run out of inspiration, they can grab their laptops and find new ideas in the comfort of customised massage programmes. He can also debate, socialise or exchange views with colleagues in the room or with other colleagues in the break room. In this way, breaks become productive and the person returns to the office with fresh strength and ideas. The electric massage chair can be activated simultaneously with short sleep breaks or ambient music in the background, whenever people feel the need for deep relaxation.

2. Comfort massage chairs involve more than therapeutic sessions

Comfort massage chairs are a modern alternative to classic chairs. Coworking desks host classes, conferences, meetings, etc. Studies have shown that people become more responsive when sitting comfortably even for a few hours. Equipping social areas with full body chairs gives a friendly air, making it easier for people to adjust and interact in classes, conferences, etc. Massage therapy can be paired with a good cup of coffee or tea. Active people can’t function without energy drinks or snacks to fuel their day. Just 10 minutes of massage along with a delicious snack and pleasant conversation make up the picture of the perfect break.

Of course, to amplify the therapeutic effect, equipping relaxation areas can go even further than that. Placing plants that survive indoors, ambient music playlists or spotlights and light bulb garlands are just a few of the star pieces of a coworking space like in the magazine.

Designing a coworking space that ticks a variety of needs and requirements is an ambitious project. However, applying the tips mentioned above covers most of the expectations clients have of a professional coworking office.