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Fujiiryoki Japanese massage chairs JP-2000 or JP-3000?

By February 14, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

How do the Fujiiryoki Japanese massage chairs JP-2000 and JP-3000 differ? Fujiiryoki Japanese massage chairs are designed to take the relaxation experience to the next level. The benefits of electric massage are already well known. The devices are versatile, with the potential to adapt to suit individual lifestyles. Massage programmes are suitable for relaxing muscles after sitting, standing or holding the body in a fixed position for a long time.

Fujiiryoki Japanese massage chairs also help warm up before training, prevent muscle fever after sport and prepare the body for sleep. But the new Fujiiryoki JP-3000 massage chair recently launched on the market has brought with it the question: what makes it different from the JP-2000?


    1. Fujiiryoki Japanese massage chairs JP-2000 or JP-3000 – What are the main differences?
    2. Fujiiryoki Japanese massage chairs – The most important advantages

1. Fujiiryoki Japanese massage chairs JP-2000 or JP-3000 – What are the main differences?

The Japanese Fujiiryoki JP-3000 massage chairs are equipped with a more powerful artificial intelligence massage system, able to adjust the massage intensity to the millimetre according to the user’s particular needs.

The JP-2000 massage chair’s body scanning system is designed to tailor the massage to key points on the spine. In contrast, the JP-3000 identifies 8 important points in this area, which can improve the effectiveness of the massage.

The JP-2000 is ideal for users who want to relax every day after work or gym workouts. For various reasons they cannot benefit from therapeutic massage sessions at wellness centres, but the JP-2000’s 23 programmes and 45 massage techniques can replace the human massage experience.

That’s why Fujiiryoki JP-2000 Japanese massage chairs are found in the design of living rooms, personal offices, relaxation areas in companies, relaxation areas in wellness centres, etc. But the JP-3000 comes and optimises the electric massage experience, offering 53 techniques and 38 automatic programmes. Together they provide a massage that competes seamlessly with relaxation at regular massage centres.

A special feature that is common to both massage chairs is that they can be set to memorise preferred settings, the ideal intensity of the massage cushions, the speed of the rollers and other such elements that give each user a personalised massage.

2. Fujiiryoki Japanese massage chairs – The most important advantages

Fujiiryoki JP-2000 massage chairs are equipped with insole rollers for reflexology massage. This function prevents circulatory problems, eliminates the tension accumulated here after a day of walking or standing, thanks to the rollers that act from the middle to the extremities of the sole. To optimise this relaxation ritual, the JP-3000 comes with an upgrade: special shiatsu massage rollers in the sole. Body massage reaches its peak with the JP-3000’s Mindfulness programme. It embraces the body with dozens of massage cushions placed in different body areas, offering relaxation through gentle and delicate pressure.

The stretching massage is ideal before the start of the sports class, helping to warm up. Fujiiryoki JP-2000 massage chairs offer stretching massage in three main areas of the body: waist, neck and back. Thanks to the ever-developing massage technology, the JP-3000 extends the stretching massage to other areas that need special attention: neck, back, knees, waist and legs.

Adjusting the intensity of the massage is important both for personal comfort and for sensitive people. For example, pregnant women can enjoy the benefits of electric massage, but only if the intensity is kept to a minimum.

Also, after a demanding day of physical exertion or muscle stiffness caused by office work, you may need a deep massage in certain areas of your body. If the JP-2000 gives you air massage set between 3 and 5 levels, then the JP-3000 surprises you with 7 levels on 8 different areas.

The latest model is equipped with Bluetooth speakers, while the JP-2000 enjoys a larger number of air cushions. Both variants are available in neutral colours, easy to integrate into any design style, whether we’re talking about offices, homes or leisure centres.