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What is the connection between fitness and electric massage? First of all, both are the preferred solutions for active people who want to maintain their tone and health through moderate activity. Maintaining optimal tone every day involves an ongoing process, which in turn involves many factors. The important thing is that this effort is constantly adhered to, because when you feel good, you look great and at the same time, you extend your lifespan and your health.


  1. Fitness and electric massage – A great way to start the day
  2. Fitness and electric massage for stress hormone relief

1. Fitness and electric massage – A great way to start the day

Discover some interesting myths that massage and fitness have in common below.

  • Influences the mood throughout the day

Creating a morning routine that includes a few fitness exercises and electric massage can be a smart start to your day. The quick 7-minute electric massage program you activate before you leave for work will release endorphins in your brain, which will guarantee amazing tone throughout the day, as well as benefits for your cardiovascular system.

  • Eliminates toxin build-up and purifies the body

When you move, your body automatically sweats, even at moderate exertion. That’s why it’s advisable to hydrate before the start of your fitness session and relax massage. Every day, the body stores toxins, either from polluted air or food.

A sedentary lifestyle also encourages the deposition of these toxins in the body, precisely because it sits and does not eliminate them through sweating. Make a habit of doing at least 15 minutes of exercise and combine it with your favourite massage. In this way, you stimulate the tissues and evacuate waste build-up.

  • Delays signs of ageing

A routine involving fitness exercises and electric massage also promotes skin health. By releasing toxins from the body and providing an overall state of relaxation, these activities protect the skin from wrinkles and other unsightly marks. At the same time, exercise and electric massage soothe stiff muscles and stiff joints while increasing mobility.

2. Fitness and electric massage for stress hormone relief

A regular programme of fitness and electric massage is an enjoyable way to look after your body, especially if your life schedule doesn’t leave much time for the gym and massage center.

  • Pre-training warm-up methods

In order not to damage the muscles during training, a short programme dedicated to warming up the muscles and joints is recommended. Mindfulness massage with air cushions, Deep Tissue massage with rollers that penetrate the muscles up to 12.5 cm in depth, and massages specific to the area you usually work on during training can help. After the right electric relax massage you can start some stretching exercises to complete your warm-up programme, then get down to your actual workout.

  • Improve brain function

It’s no secret that physical movement is good for the brain. Even if you don’t have a favourite sport or are more attached to the couch than the gym, you can still take care of your brain health through fitness and electric relax massage. Both are ways to get the blood moving and circulate nutrients and oxygen through the blood to the brain and other vital organs. You also manage to balance stress hormone levels, which means you can prevent symptoms of depression.

  • Can be combined with various alternative therapies for effectiveness

Aromatherapy or listening to ambient music while doing fitness exercises and electric relaxing massages can double the effects of workouts.

The condition you experience afterwards will encourage you to continue your exercise routine, which can only be good for your long-term health.