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Electric Massage Chair. Relaxation methods in just 7 minutes

By October 18, 2023March 22nd, 2024Massage chair

Stress is part of our daily routine. It may sound strange, but stress has a positive side. When we feel overwhelmed, our body can signal that something around us is harming us. It could be a monotonous job, a bad relationship, a lack of hobbies or the absence of relaxation breaks. The problem occurs when stress is so high that it interferes with daily activities and affects our performance. Although holidays have a powerful therapeutic effect, however, there are always some useful ways to relax and keep your stress hormone within normal parameters. Discover for example how just 7 minutes in the electric massage chair can help.


    1. Electric Massage Chair – Useful relaxation methods without leaving the house
    2. Quick relaxation techniques by stimulating the senses

1. Useful relaxation methods without leaving the house

Electric massage chair, a few pages of a favourite book or connecting with nature are some useful methods of relaxation with proven effectiveness in balancing cortisol.

    • Activate the 7-minute massage program

Japanese massage chairs have prepared for you the most effective way to relax your body and mind: the 7-minute electric massage. So whether you’re on a break from work, torn between household chores or feeling exhausted after a demanding day, all you need is a 7-minute massage to get your energy back.

The 7-minute in electric massage chair works directly on those areas affected by both prolonged sitting at a desk and intense physical exertion. The 7-minute electric massage starts in the cervical area and extends to the shoulder blades, lower back and continues with massage of the calves and soles.

While you sit comfortably in the electric massage chair, you can either devote yourself entirely to the massage, flip through a few pages of your favourite book, listen to ambient music or watch a funny video on Youtube.

2. Quick relaxation techniques by stimulating the senses

The body needs to eliminate stress caused by poor or prolonged sitting, and the mind needs a distracting break every 50 minutes of intellectual effort.

    • Approaching art therapy

You don’t have to be gifted with any special talent to enjoy the therapeutic effects of art. Studios encourage drawing, painting or even colouring at any age. All of these help us disconnect from our tasks and give our minds a well-deserved active break.

Drawing reduces anxiety, improves concentration and enhances creativity. If you’re not a natural artist, then you can turn to paint-by-numbers or colouring books specially designed for ‘big kids’.

    • Choose essential oils carefully

Aromatherapy has a divine effect on your overall tone. A few minutes of aromatherapy is enough for mental revitalisation. For quick relaxation, a few scents have been specially designed – orange blossom, patchouli, lavender, jasmine or chamomile – to motivate you to love even the most stressful Monday.

    • Serve “5 o’clock tea”

The ‘5 o’clock tea’ is the perfect opportunity to give your brain an energy boost. For many people, 5 o’clock is already too late for coffee, so a good cup of tea is the ideal solution. You can turn to rosemary tea, one of the oldest herbs in folk medicine. Rosemary tea relieves stress, induces a state of calm and balances the nervous system.

Thanks to these proven benefits, rosemary tea has been integrated into the daily routine of many cultures around the world. Equally friendly to the nervous system are varieties that include green tea with L-theatin for relaxation or matcha tea with an even higher antioxidant intake than Goji berries.

Looked at another way, stress motivates us to replace harmful habits with choices that promote health on all levels. A session of relax in electric massage chair, a cup of aromatic tea and a few minutes of ‘art’ are enough to get the cortisol back in check.