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Cellulite. Are massage chairs as good as massages?

By October 24, 2023March 22nd, 2024Massage chair

Cellulite involves those tiny fat deposits that give the skin its unsightly, orange peel-like texture. There are no miracle cures for cellulite, but a proper lifestyle routine can help maintain smooth, blemish-free skin. Which solutions fight cellulite most effectively? What causes cellulite?


    1. Cellulite, between aesthetic discomfort and body alarm signal
    2. Cellulite removal – Is an electric massage chair good?

1. Cellulite, between aesthetic discomfort and body alarm signal

Cellulite does not simply appear, but is the result of a combination of factors or unhealthy lifestyle habits. Fluid retention, toxin accumulation, sedentary lifestyles, poor blood circulation, calorie-restricted diet or poor muscle tone are some of the factors that promote the orange peel appearance of the skin.

Avoiding cellulite involves following a constant process based on optimal nutrition, physical activity and other solutions that must be followed daily. The fact that your skin takes on an orange peel-like appearance is practically a mirror image of your state of health.

The presence of cellulite signals the body’s need to eliminate toxins, pathogens and waste products that affect the liver or lymphatic system. So to keep it at bay and always enjoy perfect skin, you need to take care of your liver and lymph health. The lymphatic system is actually the way your body’s cells and tissues get rid of accumulated waste.

If the lymph is blocked, toxins build up and cause health problems. To unblock the lymph you need to include physical activity in your daily routine. According to studies, people with cellulite also have blocked lymph or a slow-functioning lymphatic system. When lymph disorders occur, fat cells swell and one of the consequences is cellulite itself.

The main causes of cellulite are:

    • hormonal imbalances;
    • poor peripheral circulation;
    • poor blood flow;
    • presence of varicose veins;
    • connective tissue problems.

2. Is an electric massage chair good?

What can you do daily to mobilize the lymphatic system?

Physical movement keeps fat-storing hormones in check

Most of the waste products in the body are fat soluble and will be eliminated along with it through a constant routine of physical activity. Light jumping, electric massage to unblock lymph, cycling, brisk walking, swimming or aerobic exercise all help to improve lymph vessels, burn fat and ‘melt’ toxins.

The technology of professional Japanese massage chairs with rollers and air cushions ensures optimal programmes focused on stimulating lymph, detoxifying the body and unblocking blood flow. Kneading and tapping massage is focused from the spine to the lower waist area. The kneading movements start slowly, giving the feeling of a natural massage by human hands. When the kneading rollers massage deeply, their speed is reduced and adapted to the body’s stiff points. The kneading rollers reach a depth of up to 12.5 cm of the inner muscles.

The air cushions of the massage chairs promote blood flow, which leads to a better circulation of oxygen in the body and thus accelerates the detoxification process. Air cushion massage provides a feeling of comfort through compression and pressure relief movements. Thus, air cushion technology unblocks blood circulation by repeatedly and gradually compressing and releasing air.

For best results turn to stretching massage. While the body is enveloped by air cushions and kneading rollers, the back and legs are stretched firmly. Massage chairs with reflex point rollers in the soles improve peripheral circulation, which reduces the risk of cellulite. Japanese massage chairs with rollers, air cushions and built-in heaters are the best full body massage chairs for your health, because contribute massively to fat burning and therefore to the elimination of toxins from tissues and cells. The advanced massage mechanisms are designed to target stiff areas and relax tense muscles so that blood can flow to all areas of the body to supply them with oxygen and nutrients from nutrition.

Fighting cellulite is also strongly influenced by your diet choices

The corrective diet should include elements of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, calcium, magnesium, potassium and antioxidants.

Those who want to avoid cellulite should prevent dehydration by drinking at least 2 litres of water a day and water retention by massaging daily. The list of forbidden foods that stimulate cellulite should also be considered, namely:

    • sugar;
    • high fructose corn syrup;
    • refined salt;
    • the fried foods;
    • fast food;
    • carbonated soft drinks.

What can you replace unhealthy food with? With fibre-rich choices that improve blood circulation and improve the appearance of orange peel. What are they?

    • avocado;
    • banana;
    • oatmeal;
    • asparagus;
    • green tea;
    • apple cider vinegar;
    • watermelon;
    • beans;
    • fish oil;
    • linseed;
    • broccoli;
    • oranges;
    • pineapple.

As mentioned above, cellulite prevention should not be limited to aesthetic reasons but should be seen as a positive effect of an overall health plan. If the symptoms of cellulite continue to appear, then consult a specialist to find the cause and prescribe a treatment that is appropriate for your body and lifestyle.