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The best full body massage chairs for wellness salons

By March 4, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Discover the best full body massage chairs for beauty salons, wellness salons and more. The role of these devices is to complement the environment, adding elegance, refinement and functionality to a space dedicated to physical and mental relaxation.


    1. The best full body massage chairs for wellness salons – are they a good investment?
    2. What are the most recommended Japanese massage chairs for salons?

1. Full body massage chairs for wellness salons – are they a good investment?

The best full body massage chairs for salons offer versatile models in pleasant colours that allow easy integration into any design style. This makes them ideal for classic, modern, minimalist or contemporary designs, depending on your preference. The best professional massage chairs are among the main items preferred by people who frequent wellness salons, spas, relaxation centres, etc.

Some people may feel uncomfortable during the classic massage, performed by masseurs. Professional massage chairs are available for them, with dozens of programmes, techniques and functions to suit a wide range of needs. Also, the best full body massage chairs from Fujiiryoki are designed with Artificial Intelligence for the most effective massage. Before starting the massage programme, the chair performs a double morphological scan of the spine and shoulders. This is important to detect any stiff areas that need a firm massage.

Further, depending on the scan results, the chair provides a massage adapted to the stage of the muscles. For those who prefer a relaxation session after work or at the end of the week, Fujiiryoki’s best salon massage chairs offer 30-minute programmes for deep relaxation. Night Healing, Conditioning, VIP or Mindfulness programmes are just some of the JP-3000 massage programmes that offer full body relaxation for a peaceful sleep.

The SL massage chairs also offer extensive massage, from the neck, back, lower back, buttocks to the knees, respecting the natural curves of the body, like a professional masseur. Panasonic or iRest massage chairs are some of the models that are equipped with SL technology.

2. What are the most recommended Japanese massage chairs for salons?

Massage chairs in beauty salons can be used in many ways, especially if they are placed in the waiting room. People who come to beauty salons also do so in order to gain psychological comfort from services designed to improve their physical appearance. And the use of a massage chair until the scheduled time complements this comfort, thanks to multiple programmes for deep relaxation.

It may happen that clients arrive earlier than their scheduled time or that there are delays. During this time, instead of sitting bored in their chair buttoning their phone, people can spend their time having a massage. Plus, having a massage chair will make your salon stand out from others in the same niche, which means positive reviews, referrals and customer loyalty.

The best full body massage chairs are also recommended to improve comfort during certain services. For example, the client can sit and massage while waiting for the paint or hair treatment to take effect. Such comfort will make your services go beyond what the competition offers.

The best full body massage chairs are also recommended for employees who support the business. Whether we are talking about beauty, wellness or relaxation salons, employees’ work automatically involves many hours of standing and sitting with the body in the same position for longer periods of time.

These are some of the causes that lead over time to back pain, numbness, swollen feet, problems with blood circulation, tired feet and ultimately to poor performance, which will implicitly affect the quality of service.

To avoid this outcome and to prevent sick leave, it is advisable to implicitly protect the well-being of your workforce. Professional massage chairs are recommended during work breaks to relieve muscle tension in the feet, soles or back. Therefore, the benefits of massage chairs for your employees and customers can significantly contribute to the success of your business and help you outperform your competitors.