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Benefits of massage chairs. Do you wake up with back pain?

By November 2, 2023March 22nd, 2024Massage chair

Do you often wake up in the morning with back pain and don’t know the cause? If no medical condition requiring medical treatment is responsible for this discomfort, then it could be the position you usually sleep in. What are the benefits of massage chairs in relieving discomfort?

Spinal alignment conditions the body to relax by eliminating back pain. Also, if you have back problems, it’s a good idea to replace soft mattresses that feel like your body is sinking into with firmer ones that support your spine.


    1. Benefits of massage chairs – Back pain in the morning and your sleeping position
    2. Stiff neck when waking up – Causes and remedies

1. Back pain in the morning and your sleeping position

If you wake up in the night with back pain or in the morning feel like you can’t get out of bed because of it, then adopt new habits. First, try a new sleeping position. It’s best to sleep on your back or side. Back pain is triggered by a spinal imbalance, so try sleeping on your back with one pillow under your head and another under your knees.

Instead, if you prefer to sleep on your side, then place one pillow between your knees and another under your head. People with back problems would do well to avoid sleeping on their stomachs or in the foetal position, as this promotes uneven weight distribution, which puts pressure on the spine. Also, sleeping on your stomach could be one of the reasons why you wake up in the morning with neck pain or a stiff neck.

Frequent pain sensations after sleep could be alleviated by massage focused on the problem area. So, if you wake up in the morning with back, shoulder or neck pain, but time is not on your side, then activate the Quick Massage programme and get relaxation first thing in the morning. Try the massage roller programmes for neck pain, air cushion shoulder massage or the heated back massage function.

Disciplines the body to sleep in the optimal position that takes as much pressure off the spine as possible and ensures quality rest. Establish a sleep hygiene based on respecting a bedtime and activating the Night Healing massage programme with gentle stretches for total relaxation.

2. Stiff neck when waking up – Causes and remedies

Statistics show that as many as 30% of adults have experienced a stiff neck at least once. The causes leading to discomfort in this area are in most cases the same: using an inappropriate mattress, sleeping on a pillow that is too high, leaning your body over devices, incorrect sitting position or certain medical conditions.

If you are experiencing a stiff neck you can resort to the classic method of covering the painful area with a warm compress for 20 minutes. After a long day of sitting in front of the laptop the hot shower and massage formula can work. Turn on the massage programme for the neck area and adjust the intensity of the rollers and air cushions according to personal comfort.

For a truly relaxing experience, you’ll want to use the Zero Gravity feature that adjusts the backrest and footrest horizontally. This allows oxygen to circulate throughout the body and nourish problem areas. In addition, you can activate the built-in heaters to relax stiff back muscles that are stiff after 8 hours at a desk.

If you have applied the present advice, but the pain still stubbornly torments you as soon as you wake up, then it is advisable to seek the opinion of a specialist to detect the real cause.


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