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Air cushion massage chairs. Perfect for sedentary people

By November 6, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Air cushion massage chairs are your solution to get your body active, especially if you spend a lot of time at the office or don’t usually work out. Air cushion massage works on your shoulders, arms, extending to your calves and feet. Why are air cushion massage chairs considered an investment in the overall health and comfort of people who adopt a sedentary lifestyle? If you’re not particularly keen on exercising, or if your desk job keeps you in your chair for hours on end, then it’s time to make room in your home for an air cushion massage chair. Find out why.


    1. Air cushion massage chairs protect the spine and internal organs
    2. Electric massage with air cushions, the ally of the immune system

1. Air cushion massage chair protect the spine and internal organs

Prolonged sitting in a desk chair is a daily habit that strains shoulder and calf muscles. Muscle stress built up after work turns into migraines and lower overall tone. In addition, physical discomfort affects the posture of the spine. Over time, incorrect back posture promotes scoliosis, kyphosis and other conditions that may require spinal surgery.

Incorrect back position also puts extra pressure on the internal organs and hips, while blocking proper blood circulation. Top air cushion massage chairs are designed to work on key areas of the body, i.e. the most vulnerable points where tension builds up. These areas are: shoulders, arms, lower back and legs.

The movement of the air cushions releases muscle tension, removes toxins and lactic acid from the tissues. Removing toxins from the body purifies the blood, ensures an excellent mental state, improves organ function and skin appearance and also increases immunity. Sedentary people often experience circulatory problems due to poor physical activity. Poor circulation leads to high blood pressure, varicose veins, thrombosis and even heart disease.

2. Electric massage with air cushions, the ally of the immune system

The air cushions hug the entire body and focus on the acupressure points. For example, stimulating the calves and soles, helps to unblock accumulated lymph in the tissues. The role of the lymphatic system is to protect the body from disease by transporting proteins into the body and removing toxins from the blood.

Often the functioning of the lymphatic system is weakened by constant exposure to stressors and a sedentary lifestyle. Lymph build-up causes tissue inflammation, swelling of the legs and can lead to acute pain and problems with movement. Focused massage on the shoulders, back, calves and other stress-sensitive areas is a handy solution that permanently supports superior mental comfort.

After a day of sitting in your office chair or after sports training, you need quality rest for tissue regeneration. Because of the lactic acid built up in your tissues you could suffer from sleep disturbances, which could worsen your overall tone the next day. Providing a firm massage to the shoulders, arms and legs, automatic air cushion massage chairs relax stiff areas of the body while stimulating the release of endorphins in the body, also balancing the stress hormone cortisol.

What is the link between air cushion massage and heart health? In addition to unblocking blood flow, air cushion massage chairs also protect heart health in a specific way: by keeping stress under control. When you’re dealing with toxic environments, your body releases certain substances because of the mental pressure you’re under. The heart absorbs these substances, which if not removed can cause cracks in the heart walls.

In conclusion, buying a Japanese massage chair with air cushions can be seen as a health investment with considerable long-term effects.