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70 reasons to buy a Fujiiryoki full body massage chair

By June 20, 2024Massage chair

Since 1954, Fujiiryoki has dominated the global market for massage chairs born of a proud tradition in Japan. Discover the 70 reasons why it’s worth having one at home.


  1. 70 reasons – why are massage chairs of the highest quality?
  2. 70 reasons – are Japanese massage chairs worth it?

1. 70 reasons – why are massage chairs of the highest quality?

This year, Fujiiryoki celebrates 70 years of excellence in the massage chair industry. Learn about the most significant achievements that have kept us at the top of customer preferences around the world.

1.100% original Japanese massage chairs that make technology meet expectation

Over 2,200,000 massage chairs sold in 70 years of existence.

2. Fujiiryoki was the first manufacturer to export massage chairs globally

3. Japanese Ministry of Health certified chairs

4. ISO certification acquired in Japan

Fujiiryoki has obtained the Quality Management Certificate for electronic equipment and devices dedicated to health.

5. Massage chair certified as a mechanical engineering heritage

The world’s first massage chair is designed by FUJIIRYOKI.

6. JP-2000, the world’s first chair with 5D massage and Artificial Intelligence

7. The first massage chair with tapping mechanism

In 1965, Fujiiryoki created the first tapping chair.

8. The world’s first air cushion massage chair

In 1995 Fujiiryoki revolutionised the industry by launching the first air cushion compression massage mechanism.

9. The first chair with 3D massage mechanism

In 2001, Fujiiryoki made the first massage chair designed with a three-dimensional or 3D massage system.

10. Massage chair with double morphological analysis system

Fujiiryoki’s range of professional massage chairs is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that automatically detects the shape of the shoulders and spine for a precise massage.

11. Personalized robotic massage

Fujiiryoki massage chairs assess the state of the muscles from shoulders to hips for a massage compatible with the user’s body condition.

12. Full back massage

13. Kneading massage for calves and ankles

14. Hip massage programmes

15. Thigh massage programmes

16. Vibration massage

17. Massage chairs with air cushions for compression from the pelvis to behind the knees

18. JP-3000, the first massage chair with Mindfulness program – unique in the world

JP3000, one of Fujiiryoki’s best massage chairs launches a world premiere of the Mindfulness programme, equipped with air cushions that hug the entire body.

19. JP-3000, the world’s first brushless massage chair

Using brushless motorised massage chairs increases energy efficiency by about 50% more. These models also have a quieter operation, a longer lifespan and also generate less heat during operation.

Brushless motors can be controlled more precisely, and this allows the massage to be customised to the user’s preferences. Massage chairs with brushless motors have no moving parts to wear out, making them more reliable and less susceptible to breakdown.

21. Different levels of intensity on individual areas

The intensity of the massage adapts in real time according to the condition of the muscles.

22. Electric massage chairs with muscle analysis system

Analyses over 10 different muscle groups for effective massage.

23. Flat Position massage chairs

Flat Position is the traditional position preferred by massage professionals. Massage in the Flat Position stretches the entire body, helping to correct posture and relax tense areas.

24. Top rated zero gravity massage chairs

A Zero Gravity massage chair distributes the body weight evenly, reducing pressure on the spine.

25. The deepest massage in the industry

The selection of Deep Tissue massage chairs have rollers that penetrate up to 12.5 cm deep into the muscles, and this technology makes Fujiiryoki an industry leader in this area as well.

26. Massage chairs with detailed spine scanning

JP-3000 identifies 8 shiatsu points on the spine, adjusting the massage according to the users individual morphology.

27. Hybrid massage chair

28. Shiatsu massage chairs

29. Massage chairs with sciatic massage programmes

30. Air cushion massage from elbows to fingertips

31. Robotic back kneading massage

The kneading intensity of the 8 shiatsu points can be individually adjusted according to preference.

32. Massage chair with lumbar heating

33. Lymphatic massage chairs with air cushions

34. Spinal correction massage

35. Body stretching massage chairs

Stretching massage programmes, with full stretching or focused on individual areas of the body.

36. Massage chairs with reflexology and sole heating

37. Tapping massage programmes

38. Relaxation massage chairs for every area of the body

39. Relaxation massage programmes for 30 minutes

VIP or Elite Therapy programmes are the most popular body relaxation massages, focusing on body areas that tend to become stiff.

40. Relaxation massage programmes for 18 minutes

Rejuvenating and stretching massages of the body or cervical and back area.

41. 7-minute quick massage programmes

The range of quick relaxation massage programmes includes options for the whole body or focused on relaxing individual areas.

42. Rejuvenating massage programmes to stimulate the lymphatic system

43. Special relaxation programme before bedtime

Compression massage programmes with specially placed air cushions in sensitive areas.

44. Reflexology massage chairs

Massage chairs with special rollers and different levels of intensity for foot massage.

45. Cervical massage chair

46. Conditioning massage programme for body reconditioning

47. Total Relax Position for optimising the effects of stretching massage

48. Multi-heating massage chairs for back, abdomen and feet

49. Relaxing fixed point massage

Elimination of knots through deep kneading massage of the rhomboid and trapezius muscles, as well as stretching massage of the spine and lumbar area.

50. Shiatsu point detection system with A.I.

2. 70 reasons – are Japanese massage chairs worth it?

The 70 reasons why it’s worth having a Fujiiryoki professional massage chair in your home are followed by a detailed description of the technical and design features that support the functionality of this device.

51. S/L rail with 160 degree opening

52. S rail with 180 degree opening

53. Compact design, ideal for small spaces

54. Bluetooth massage chairs

55. Massage chair with timer with automatic switch-off

56. Wheels for easy transport

57. Massage chair with adjustable footrest

58. 360 degree VR rotation function on mobile phone

59. Massage chair with facial recognition

60. Wireless charging and USB cable charging

61. Touch screen remote control for easy operation

62. Voice guidance function provides guidance at every stage of operation

63. Ability to change programs, functions, intensity or chair position during massage

64. Leather massage chairs for elegant interiors

65. Superior wear-resistant materials

66. Colours easy to integrate into any interior design style

67. Massage chairs recommended for luxury relaxation and wellness centres, offices, hotels, fitness centres

68. Easy cleaning with solutions adapted to the material

69. Free delivery

70. Massage chairs built with medical components Hitachi Medical Instruments Ltd

Fujiiryoki’s selection of the world’s best-rated massage chairs can be tested free of charge in any of our showrooms around the country.