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4 best massage chairs for luxury interiors

By January 12, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Massage chairs have started to make their way into homes, offices and other interiors, replacing even the usual armchairs. Over time, the best massage chairs successfully combine elegant aesthetics with functionality, giving interior design a sophisticated touch. Which are the best massage chairs to consider for your future personal space design projects?


  1. The best massage chairs for wellness centres or for modern livings
  2. The best full body massage chairs for offices or home use

1. The best massage chairs for wellness centres or for modern livings

Here are what are considered to be the best massage chairs for modern living, whether it’s a fancy living room, an organised lounge area in the hallway, or the bedroom.

  • Bodyfriend full body massage chair

It impresses at first sight with its exclusive design, a quality that makes it the centrepiece of the space in which it is integrated. The creation of the Bodyfriend Phantom ROVO is due to the collaboration with the famous Lamborghini brand, which has resulted in a luxurious piece of furniture, remarkable both for its exceptional aesthetics and multi-functionality.

The device is a favourite of wellness centres and those with a passion for luxurious interiors. The massage programmes are customisable, ensuring a unique and always different experience for each user.

  • iRest ull body full body massage chair

For luxurious interiors, this model can be successfully integrated. The sophisticated yet compact design of the massage chair recommends it even for modestly sized interiors where space is at a premium. The artistic LED, Bluetooth speakers and high-performance technology that gives the sensation of massage by human hands make this device your own therapist for salon-like relaxation.

2. The best full body massage chairs for offices or home use

Relaxation during working hours has a positive influence on efficiency, productivity and concentration for the rest of the day. What are the best massage chairs for stylish and comfortable offices? Here are some of the most inspiring designs, designed to give you relaxation during work breaks.

  • Ogawa Cosmos X full body massage chair

The device conforms to the natural shape of the neck, spine and lumbar area, guaranteeing a personalised massage according to the morphology of each user. These areas are the most stressed and prone to stress from prolonged sitting in an office chair. Set aside at least 15 minutes every day to relax stiff muscles after working in front of your laptop. The full body massage chair appeals with its sleek design, as well as a variety of programmes with rollers and hot air cushions strategically placed in areas where fatigue builds up over the day.

  • Panasonic full body massage chair

It is made with great attention to detail, with the aim of providing the user with the perfect combination of impeccable design and comfort. Optimum wear-resistant materials, neutral colour, pressure point detection sensors and a wide range of programmes and intensity levels are just a few of the pros that support the Panasonic model as a lasting investment. These are just a few of the many examples of massage chairs that offer both superior functionality and aesthetics.

The impeccable design, crafted with attention to detail, transforms this device into a piece of furniture that can become the accent piece in the design of a stylish office or compliment a room in your personal home.

The new collection of full body massage chairs includes both impressively designed products and some with a compact design, specifically designed for small offices, home use, apartments or other small spaces. Which one would you consider perfect for styling your home or office?